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   ISACA: Asia-Pacific Region Webinar - Cybersecurity Outlook 2018 - Asia Pacific Region   2018.02.08  HIT:14539

11AM (SGT) / 3:00 (UTC) Wednesday, 14 February 2018
10PM (EST on Tuesday, 13 February)*
60 minutes 
*For the convenience of attendees in Singapore and around Asia, this webinar will be presented around regular business hours for the region’s time zones.

The webinar is titled: " Cybersecurity Outlook 2018 - Asia Pacific Region," and the two panelists will be: Frank Chin, CISM, COBIT and Han Ther Lee.

Webinar description:

Cybersecurity risk has been gaining visibility on the board risk committees. In the last "World Economic Forum, Global Risks of Highest Concern for Doing Business 2017" report, cyber-attack has been ranked as the number 1 risk for "East Asia and the Pacific" regions.

For our inaugural ISACA Asia Pacific region webinar, we have esteemed security professionals from various industries presenting in a panel discussion of the topic. Our panelist will look into trends and predictions influencing the cyber security space in the region this 2018. This will include the threat landscape, emerging technologies, various cyber / privacy laws, and the people aspect.

Please encourage your members to attend this webinar as they can earn one hour of CPE. You can find the registration for the webinar at



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